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FAQ's about Transferring a car title.

HOW MUCH DOES IT COST TO TRANSFER A CAR TITLE? The cost to transfer a car title varies by state. Often, the transfer and registration fees are much smaller than sales or use taxes that are also due at the time of the transfer. HOW DO YOU REMOVE A NAME FROM A CAR TITLE? To change the names on a title that doesn’t have a lien, each person listed on the title must sign the back of the current title. If one person isn’t available, you may need to use a Power of Attorney form. In the event of the death of the owner, follow the procedures mentioned above. HOW DO YOU FIX AN ERROR ON A CAR TITLE? To fix an error in a car title, contact the appropriate agency in your state. You may have to fill out and submit a form or present information to the agency. HOW DO YOU TRANSFER A MOTORCYCLE TITLE? The process for transferring a motorcycle title is usually similar to transferring a car title. You’ll need the existing title and the Manufacturer’s Certificate of Origin or notarized bill of sale if it’s coming from a state that doesn’t issue titles. You’ll still fill out the title and registration application and pay the appropriate fees.

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