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Title Brand Types

Title brands, also known as title designations or title statuses, are typically found on a vehicle's title in the "Branded Title" or "Title Status" section. The specific location and format can vary depending on the jurisdiction and the type of title brand. Here are some common title brands and where you might find them on a vehicle title:

  1. Salvage Title: A salvage title is often indicated clearly in the title status section. It might be labeled as "Salvage," "Salvaged," "Rebuilt Salvage," or a similar designation.

  2. Reconstructed Title: If a salvaged vehicle has been rebuilt and is now roadworthy, it might be issued a "Reconstructed" title. This is usually stated in the title status section.

  3. Junk Title: A vehicle that is considered beyond repair or not suitable for the road might have a "Junk" title designation. This will be visible in the title status section.

  4. Flood Damage Title: If a vehicle has been damaged by flooding, it may be assigned a "Flood Damage" title status. This designation is often found in the title status section.

  5. Lemon Title: Some states brand titles for vehicles that have had repeated, unresolved issues or defects, designating them as "Lemon" titles. This can be in the title status section.

  6. Salvage Rebuildable Title: Some titles may include a specific designation like "Salvage Rebuildable" to indicate that the vehicle can be rebuilt and made roadworthy.

  7. Repossessed Title: If a vehicle was repossessed by a lender, the title might indicate "Repossessed" in the title status section.

  8. Branded for Mileage Discrepancy: If there are issues with the reported mileage on the vehicle, it may be branded with a designation like "Odometer Discrepancy" or "Mileage Inaccurate."

  9. Fire Damage Title: In cases where a vehicle has sustained significant damage due to a fire, the title status may include a "Fire Damage" designation.

  10. Hail Damage Title: Vehicles with significant hail damage may be designated as having "Hail Damage" in the title status section.

It's important to note that the specific title brands and how they are indicated on the title document can vary by state or country. Additionally, the rules and regulations regarding the branding of titles can change over time. When purchasing a used vehicle, it's crucial to carefully examine the title for any title brands or designations, as they can significantly impact the value and insurability of the vehicle. Always verify the title's information with the appropriate local authorities or the Department of Motor Vehicles to ensure accuracy and legality.

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